Viva Chicken

Every so often, I get the itch to try something new.  This doesn’t happen a lot because I like going to places I am familiar with and know what I’m in for.  However, sometimes it is nice to switch things up and be adventurous.  I am slightly more adventurous than my husband, and so I was surprised that he agreed to try Viva Chicken when I presented the idea to him.  We were in a parking lot perusing Yelp (come on, you know you do it too!) when I came across a place called Viva Chicken with amazing reviews.  It was located in a strip mall, though a nicer one, so we decided to throw caution to the wind.  It was described as Peruvian food, which we had never had the pleasure of eating, so we were in for a real treat.

Having read diligently through the reviews we decided to heed the advice of others and ordered the whole chicken with 3 sides, the pollo a la brasa.  We had the kids with us and this turned out to be a wonderful choice and plenty of food.  When you go in, you place your order at the counter and receive a number that you place on your table so they can bring you your food when it is ready.  There is a sauce station where you get your drinks and that is where the magic happens.  The chicken is cooked rotisserie style and comes out in pieces with the bones still intact.  For our sides we chose the cilantro infused rice, canary beans, and sweet potato fries.  Everything was so, so delicious.  The best part came after eating, when upon leaving the restaurant I discovered that I felt satisfied but not gross like you can sometimes feel after eating a delicious meal. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we went back for round 2 the next evening.

Over the next year or so we found ourselves visiting Viva Chicken frequently enough that we had tried many other things on their menu too.  Our last visit left us satisfied yet again, and looking forward to going back.  On this visit I ordered the Arroz Chaufa with chicken (think Peruvian fried rice dish) and my husband ordered the Tacu Bowl with steak (this is like a chipotle burrito bowl but different in flavor).  We also split the Viva salad.

The Arroz Chaufa I ordered had jasmine rice, red peppers, green onions, red onion, egg, soy sauce, ginger, and chicken.

Viva Chicken Arroz Chaufa |

The Viva Salad had romaine lettuce, kale, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, chicken, and balsamic dressing.  It also comes with queso fresco but we ordered ours without.

Viva Chicken Viva Salad |

The Tacu Bowl came with cilantro infused rice (you can also choose jasmine rice), canary beans, salsa criolla (tomatoes and onions marinated in lime juice), avocado, steak, and green onions.

Viva Chicken Tacu Bowl |

The food is fresh and tasty on its own, but as I mentioned earlier, the magic is in the sauce.  Viva Chicken has 3 sauces from which you can choose.  If you are anything like me, you will not choose and instead you will use them all equally.  There is a mild, medium, and hot and I have no idea of the names for them but what I do know is that the yellow is mild, green is medium, and orange is spicy.  They are all divine and I would highly suggest trying them all to see which one is for you.  I can’t choose so I continue to eat them all.

Viva Chicken Sauces |

Last but not least, and sorry I do not have a picture, the chicken soup is bordering on ridiculous it is so good.  It is definitely my number one chicken soup in the universe.  It has the Peruvian flair to it as well with flavoring that is just out of this world.  No chicken soup has ever been the same for me since.  Maybe Peruvian food isn’t new to you, but for this girl it definitely was.  I believe Viva Chicken is an outstanding restaurant that Charlotte should be honored to have.  With that said, I am now wishing I was there!

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