South of the Border

My friend Selena and I kind of got into a fun routine of finding funky, unusual things and places to take our kids to see.  South of the Border is hands down one of the weirdest, most random places we happened upon.  Situated in South Carolina, not far from North Carolina (get it? South of the Border?), is a town that gives Speedy Gonzales a run for his money.  Picture this… You are driving along a typical southern highway, trees and road on either side; monotonous, really.  You round a bend in the highway and BAM!  Out of nowhere, this is what you see:

I can’t even lie, when I first saw it I was dumbstruck.  What is this place?  Why is it here?  I will admit that I wasn’t sure I wanted to get out of my car, but I am so glad I did.  We made memories that day that will last a lifetime (unlike the sombrero magnet I got as a souvenir that broke within the week).

Most of the attractions were shut down the day we went- not sure if it was the temperature, the season, or if they were broken.  No matter, there was still fun to be had.  We took the time to enjoy the many statues by taking pictures with them.

When we got hungry we went to the only place I could see, which was a small little diner.  It consisted of your basic, run of the mill hotdogs, hamburgers, and french fries.  The best part? The prices were out of this world.  I think I spent maybe $12 to feed me and two kids.  Unheard of.

After eating we made our way across the street to a beach store.  Beach store you may ask?  Yes!  A Myrtle Beach store to be exact, and being totally honest here, not a very good one.  Surprisingly, this is where we had most of our fun.  The kids found some interesting toys in there and in the back of the store there was a huge shark.  Very odd place to come across a beach store but that is part of what made it so fun.

After that we looked around town a bit more, played in an arcade for a little bit and eventually headed home.  If you live in South Carolina or some parts of North Carolina, this would be a neat trip to take for a quick getaway.  They had some rides and a reptile exhibit we were unable to see, but they looked like a good time.  I guarantee you won’t soon forget this place and you will definitely find some fun if you keep an open mind.  I’ll leave you with some more shots of this quirky town before I go…

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