Orlando, Florida (Part Two)

We spent our second day exploring Epcot in Disney World.  The weather was significantly better than the day before and we took full advantage of it. Once again, we chose not to adhere to the advice to arrive early and instead had a leisurely breakfast at the house.  We got to Epcot before noon, excited to explore.

Orlando, Florida Epcot | www.adventuresquared.com

We immediately started looking for rides and attractions; the following is what we personally got to experience:

  • Soarin’ This may be one of the coolest rides around.  There is a movie playing that your seat moves along with in a flying motion all while you can smell the scenery in the film.  The smell part is what made me love this ride so much.
  • Test Track We rode this one multiple times.  You get to design your car and then take a super fast lap on the track.  This was one of the most fun rides we came across.
  • Mission: Space If this ride is really an indicator of what it is like to go to space, I am not sure I’d want to.  There are two versions you can pick for this ride; intense (orange) or less intense (green).  We tried both and they were worlds apart.  If you have small kids I would steer clear of the orange side because when they say intense, they mean it.  The motion sickness was real.  Having said that, the kids loved the green version and asked to ride it again.
  • Living With The Land We took this gentle boat ride with no expectations, but we were blown away in the end.  We saw all manner of things being grown and learned a lot all while getting a break from walking.  It wasn’t overly crowded and ended up being one of our favorite things in the park.
  • Circle of Life This is another attraction we found by chance and enjoyed.  It is a movie about animals so if you like that kind of thing, this is for you.

We ate an expensive lunch in the France part of Epcot where we learned that all of the staff within that restaurant were French!  My mind was temporarily blown at this nugget of information; I thought that was a neat touch.  The food was good but not worth the money and we found that to be true of most of the places within the park.  Granted, we did not eat at any of the places I had on my list so it could be chalked up to poor planning on my part.  We ended our day with a delicious hot chocolate as we left the park.

Orlando, Florida Epcot | www.adventuresquared.com

The next day we went to the mall in Orlando with two missions in mind: 1. Find a reasonably priced princess dress and 2. Get Carly’s ears pierced.  We found a Belle dress that looked every bit as good as the ones in the parks but for about half the price.  We also got her ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda and they did a wonderful job.  We have not had any issues with her ear piercings at all.  After wearing stick on earrings for months, she was so happy to have real earrings.

Orlando, Florida Ears Pierced | www.adventuresquared.com

After the mall we headed to Sea World.  We arrived there later in the day and it was hot, hot, hot.  The only thing we managed to do was walk around, eat, and catch the main show.  We sat in the dry area because we are boring.  The orca’s and the show were amazing!

Orlando, Florida Sea World | www.adventuresquared.comOrlando, Florida Sea World | www.adventuresquared.com

Stay tuned for Part Three!!


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