Maui, Hawaii (Part Two)

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If I thought the scenery of Maui was beautiful at the resort, I was in for a real treat when we hit the open road.  The camera can’t really capture how breathtaking the views really are.  On one side of the road there are these rolling mountains in the most vibrant shade of green, while on the other side of the road you see the ocean and other islands in the distance.  Driving was difficult because the views distract you from what you are doing.  Thankfully we found some places where you could pull over to see the view and take pictures.

Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii |

We took the pictures above on our way to visit the Maui Ocean Center.  The Maui Ocean Center is basically a small aquarium and we were excited to go check it out and see some native fish species.  We got through it all pretty quickly, I’d say it took us an hour at most but we really enjoyed ourselves.

Maui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii | Maui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii | Maui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii | Maui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii |

Maui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii |

We were hungry by that point so we set out to find some deliciousness and landed ourselves at a food truck called The Shark Pit.  Sadly, I failed to get photos of The Shark Pit and the food they served.  I can tell you that it was the best thing I ate in Maui and all of the food I ate was good.  The Shark Pit serves fish tacos and burgers.  We went for the burger because they had run out of fresh fish for the day and while I wish I could have tried the tacos, the burger was outstanding.  I didn’t really know what I had gotten myself into when my burger arrived complete with a purple bun, but I wasn’t disappointed.  The burger easily made its way into my top five burger list.  The Shark Pit also gets bonus points because of the customer service.

After eating we decided to explore the little town of Lahaina near our resort.  Lahaina is a very cute town and a great place to spend some time shopping.  We found a neat little area with shops of all different kinds.  I stopped into a shop where you can mix and match your own bath salts and had to make some really hard decisions on how much to buy because they all smelled so good.  Next door to that I found a local artist’s gallery and fell in love with his paintings.  You can see his work here.  I wish I had purchased a print while I was there but I didn’t thinking about fitting it in my carry-on.  After browsing the stores and buying a bracelet or two we were ready for something sweet and made our way to Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice.  I had read all of the reviews about this place before we arrived and it was one of my top things we had to experience.  There were so many flavors to choose from but we eventually narrowed them down and got our shave ice.  It was perfect.  Not too sweet and just the right amount of flavor.  Also, get the snow cap, you won’t regret it.

From there we spent the rest of the day hanging out at the resort and just enjoying life.  We began dreaming about how it would feel to live in Maui full time.  I think that was the point Maui had officially stolen our hearts.  Here are some more pictures of that beautiful island:

Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii |

One other really cool thing I noticed in Maui is that the ocean never looked the same from day-to-day.  One day it was deep blue, the next day it would be sparkling like diamonds, and yet the next day it would be more turquoise.  Same with the hills; one day there would be cloud cover and the next day it would be so clear you could see to the tops of the mountains.  Maui is stunning.

The fun didn’t stop there.  Be sure to come back to read about our experiences seeing the whales and going to a luau!

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