Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar- Review

When I first heard of Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar I thought it was weird.  I mean, sushi and burgers together?  Who does that?  Not me.  Despite that though, I somehow ended up there and it is now a highly frequented place by our little family.  They can become busy on the weekends and at peak hours so I try to go during other times.  The following review is based on my experience at the Charlotte location.

What can you expect to find at Cowfish?  Some oddities, that’s for sure; great food is a good bet as well.  The details are really nailed down in this restaurant from the artwork to the food.  There are some really interesting pictures hanging on the walls that I can safely say you probably haven’t seen before.  The fun continues into the bathroom where there is a never-ending loop of recorded conversation in various accents and languages.  While those things grab my interest, the real reason I keep coming back is for the food.  The menu is vast and offers the typical fare one would expect (sushi and burgers) as well as other things like salads and milkshakes.  The most unique thing they offer is Burgushi.  Burgushi is what happens when sushi meets a burger.  Trust me, it is better than it sounds.  Think of it as a burger shaped into the look of sushi.  It is a definite must try at least once.

Having tried a lot of different things on the menu, I can attest to the fact that it is hard to go wrong no matter what you pick.  I have, however, found a few favorites.  For an appetizer I recommend getting the Mini Burgers of the week.  Each week Cowfish features a different mini burger appetizer made in the style one of their regular-sized burgers.  Insider tip: Cowfish will make any style of mini burger you want when you order this appetizer regardless of what the feature is that week.  I usually pick the Texas Longhorn style for my mini burgers and it never disappoints.

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: Texas Longhorn Mini Burgers |

For my entree I always roll with sushi.  There is one sushi roll that I get every time I go to Cowfish: the North Hills Roll.  It consists of tempura coconut shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, mango, cashews and eel sauce.  I always ask for a side of ponzu sauce to complete it.  I have tried almost every sushi roll on the menu and this one is the best!

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: North Hills Roll |

If I am eating at Cowfish with my husband, which I usually am, we will get one of the entree salads to split.  Usually we get the Grilled Salmon Salad, but to switch things up we recently tried the Seared Tuna Arugula Salad.  It had seared sesame tuna over arugula with Peruvian sweet peppers, carrots, hearts of palm, snow peas, artichokes, olives, and tomatoes tossed with a citrus soy dressing.  I would go with this salad if I wanted a smaller portion; the Grilled Salmon Salad would be a good choice if you were looking for something more filling.

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: Seared Arugula Tuna Salad |

I would be remiss not to mention the kids meals.  Cowfish stands out when it comes to kids meals.  They offer so much more than the standard kids menu fare.  Sure, the usual choices are still there (chicken nuggets and burgers) but they also offer a california roll, shrimp tempura roll, and a PB&J roll. Also, the burgers in the kids meal are just as delicious as the appetizer version.  How could they not be when they are served on Hawaiian rolls?  Side dish choices, of which your child gets to choose two of, include edamame, apples, carrots, oranges, and fries. Dessert is a rice krispy treat topped with a Swedish fish.  All of this is served bento box style, complete with a tattoo for extra fun!

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: Shrimp Tempura Kids Meal | www.adventuresquared.comCowfish Sushi Burger Bar: Kids Mini Burgers |

Cowfish is the perfect restaurant because there is something for everyone.  The food is fresh, the service is impeccable, and you leave there feeling truly satisfied.  If you find yourself in Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, or Orlando, do yourself a favor and find your way to Cowfish.  The only regret I have concerning this place is that I didn’t find it sooner.

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  1. What a cool place, is this in Charlotte NC? We are currently looking into moving around that area. I will have to keep this on the list, if so!!

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes, this location of Cowfish is in Charlotte. It is in the South Park area right next to the mall. There are a ton of great food options surrounding it as well!